"This workskhop gave me just what I wanted. It was great!"
Exercise Physiologist, Boston

"What a wealth of knowledge and experience these two leaders bring to the topics of exercise and nutrition!"
Registered dietitian, Seattle

"Nancy and Bill present a fine program--a nice balance of science and practical information. It was well worth the price."
Athletic trainer, Chicago

"I enjoyed this the second time as much as the first."
Personal trainer, Atlanta

"This workshop was excellent--filled with great information and great presentations, It was the most professional workshop I have ever attended."
Exercise physiologist, Boston

"Everything was great. I'm so happy I attended."
Registered dietitian, Springfield

"I learned a great deal of information that I can use immediately. I would definitely recommend this workshop to my associates. Thank you!"
Personal trainer, New York City

"This was a great workshop! Very informative and interesting."
Dietetic intern, Trumbull

"This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. It was a great combination of research and nutrition practice tips."
Registered Dietitian, Orlando

"I enjoyed this workshop 150%!"
Personal trainer, Chicago

"The presenters were terrific! Engaging, experienced and scientifically sound."
Personal trainer, San Diego

"This was really a great program!"
Athletic trainer, Dallas

"Very knowledgeable and professional speakers."
Registered dietitian, Minneapolis



"I think this online workshop is a great tool for everyone who plans to work in the exercise and nutrition field, or for those individuals who are looking for some facts about nutrition and exercise."

NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, Toronto


"I have enjoyed this course very much. I must admit, I probably learned even more doing it over the internet due to the fact that I could learn at my own pace and take breaks whenever I needed them or review the materials as often as I needed."

Group Fitness Instructior, New Jersey


"I REALLY enjoyed the online course. It was awesome that I could participate, even though I could not attend in person. I learned a great deal and become even more interested in the topics. Thank you for the practical and useable information."

Registered Dietitian, Longview, TX