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Nancy Clark’s
Sports Nutrition Guidebook

This excellent resource and bestselling book teaches active people how to eat well, feel great and win with good nutrition.

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Sports Nutrition Handouts
A set of 16 reproducible handouts on topics of interest to active people.

Sports Nutrition Presentation
Available as a download or a mailed CD, this program with
75 images addresses the nutrition concerns common to active people. Includes script.

Dieting, Weight & Exercise Presentation
Available as a download or a mailed CD, this PowerPoint program with
75 images helps active people resolve weight issues and find peace with food. Includes script.

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Dr. William J. Evans

Transforming your body into one that feels twenty to thirty years younger is no longer a dream. For astronauts, this form of age reversal is essential. On long-duration space journeys, the accelerated "aging" that occurs as a result of being in a weightless environment causes crippling muscle and bone loss, as well as balance problems.

The need for a program of age reversal became a call to action for Dr. William J. Evans, expert adviser to NASA and former head of the Nutrition, Physical Fitness, and Rapid Rehabilitation Team of the National Space Biomedical Institution. As a result of his remarkable success, readers of AstroFit can now achieve the same age-reversal benefits as the astronauts in training for an eventual journey to Mars.

To purchase a copy of AstroFit, e-mail or call 501-952-2947.


CD with Dr. Evans' PowerPoint Presentations

All four of Dr. Evans PowerPoint presentations are available on a CD. (No script.)

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